After working with us on her first business Safe Travel Tours, Suzanne approached us with a new business idea. After earning a Real Estate Agent qualification during lockdown: she wanted to manage short-term rentals on the Gold Coast. The focus would be on property owners and investors who own apartments they do not want to manage as rentals themselves.

Was it the right time for this business? Many would say no, we said absolutely.

Knowing Suz already, we recognised that when she puts her mind to an idea, only great things will happen. So we set out to create her a rock solid brand that would capture her audience and explicitly inform her customers who she was, what she does and where she is based. 

GC Stayz Booking Platform from Motopress Booking Plugin
GC Stayz Booking Page for Allunga Apartment Gold Coast

Brand Identity

Social Media

Website Development

Design & Print

Booking CMS


Challenges & Solution

We then needed a website that could run not only direct bookings, but a website that could auto sync calendars with some of the most popular booking platforms out there – AirBNB and Booking.com, and give property investors a place to go to enquire, find out about Suz’s services as a Property Manager and download forms if they were interested. We built a website that did all of this, with a fully configured and automated booking platform CMS from Motopress, clear call to actions throughout the site, professional photography of the apartments and killer SEO to ensure GC Stayz was top of mind when searching for a holiday apartment to book.

Now the website was done, it was time to market her services. We created a holistic digital marketing strategy and got to work, we utilised connections with other local businesses on social media and created recommended day trip itineraries for people visiting the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. We advertised (paid media) to the States that were eligible to come into QLD as Australia started to open up during the pandemic and continued to update the strategy as more or less restrictions came into play. We use email marketing to re-market offers to people who have stayed at the GC Stayz apartments and have already started seeing return customers booking for 2022.

Now, 79% of all web traffic is now driven from the GC Stayz social media accounts, 12% are return customers and the remaining 9% is organic search.


GC Stayz Instagram Strip


GC Stayz launched perfectly, with both a paid and organic social media strategy, we have grown the GC Stayz socials from scratch to be highly engaged accounts. It was important to us to grow the account with an Australian audience due to the impact of COVID-19, and we are proud that 99.8% of all website traffic is Australian.

We are happy to announce that these results have led to all apartments being booked out to 80% capacity each month within the first 4 months across 3 different booking platforms. 


booked out each month


GC Stayz Paid Social Results

We utilised small budgets over short periods of time to get people talking about and engaging with GC Stayz.

We kept CPC below $1 per click and nailed the audience to ensure a huge reach for the budgets we had. 

We got 79% of web traffic and 85% of bookings from paid social ads.

Here are some examples


GC Stayz Testimonial

The girls at Chirp have produced my Branding, Website and do all of the Marketing for GC Stayz. I’ve been using them for a few years, before this was for Safe Travel Tours, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They are up on the current trends and my business is doing really well. Thanks ladies.


Suzanne Slater

CEO, GC Stayz, Safe Travel Tours, On Point Realty

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