The Distributors MT Gambier

Magazine Layout Design

The Distributors MT Gambier contacted Chirp during 2021 asking for a complete re-design of their monthly distribution catalogue to best feature promotional products and be able to sell ad spacing to their suppliers.

The old magazine had a few issues we wanted to address as a starting point:

  • Remove unused product codes and barcodes the consumer does not require for purchasing
  • Use better quality, high resolution images 
  • Use the cover page and back pages to beautifully showcase one product

We have now been working with TDMG since August 2021, they are impressed with the quality of the magazine every month and have seen an increase in orders since the new design was launched!

The Distributors MT Gambier - September 2021
The Distributors MT Gambier - October 2021
The Distributors MT Gambier - November 2021
The Distributors MT Gambier - January 2022

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The Distributors Mount Gambier Testimonial

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Erika Choi

Marketing Coordinator, The Distributors MT Gambier

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