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Graham Cooling, aka Yelling at Concrete – a UK creative / artist / storyteller / painter / comic creator and friend contacted Chirp during lockdown with an idea, he wanted a website where he could feature and list a catalogue of zines. Not just his own, but he wanted a way for the general public to be able to submit their own zines and use this website as free advertising for themselves.

The website needed a search and filter function so that people could go, browse zines and find something that connected with them – what started as 10 topics soon snowballed into 80+ topics and the site has grown and grown since.

Personal Portfolio site:
Graham Cooling

Graham was pleased with the work Chirp produced for the Coke Oven site, so it was only natural he thought of us when he required a big refresh for his portfolio website.

Graham wanted not just a portfolio site, but a hub to be able to access all of his creative ventures from – links to his big cartel shop, yelling at concrete podcast, socials, potatropy… the list goes on. The challenge was showcasing all of these amazing projects without it looking overcrowded.

So, we kept the update simple. Nice, clean and easy to navigate with a CMS builder to allow Graham to manage updates himself. We added plugins to pull through his latest youtube, acast & instagram posts to save him time manually uploading them to the site.

Client Testimonial

I got a website built through these folks for personal use and cannot say anything negative. Great service, really well designed and felt supported throughout the process. Took my feedback on board as well as able to suggest improvements to my initial thoughts.

Followed up with a second site where they helped me refresh the look, optimise and upgrade the back end and usability of my website. Great people!

Graham Cooling

UK Creative Artist, Coke Oven, Yelling at Concrete

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